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Executive Coach

Monica Nordhaus is a Yale-trained, ICF accredited Executive Coach dedicated to providing you with the highest quality coaching. She will partner with you as a catalyst for positive, sustainable change. She specializes in leadership development and inclusion strategy for executives and teams. Monica Nordhaus Coaching's framework:


VISION. We will work with you to create a successful vision for your future. We will align your values, purpose and mission and set clear objectives around the core competencies of leadership. 


ACTION. Coaching is about action. Through our collaboration, you will see new possibilities and find the inspiration and motivation to pursue your goals. Together we will identify the obstacles in your way and help you implement strategies to overcome them and realize your potential.


RESULTS. Within weeks, you will see results. Within months, you will have embarked on a sustainable course of change. You will find that you are able to handle new challenges and opportunities for growth with newfound strengths, skills and strategies. You will have greater clarity around your values, passions and purpose.  You can achieve life changing results.

“Monica has incredible passion, energy, dedication and insight. She supported me unconditionally to get clarity and achieve results I never thought possible.” 

–JB, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles

"I could not recommend Monica more highly as a coach and facilitator. She brings uncanny intuition, masterful technique and a great breadth of knowledge to inspire and transform her clients.”-–SVP, 20th Century Fox, Los Angeles

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As much as 80% of adult “success” comes from EQ (Emotional Intelligence).  — Daniel Goleman

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