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Corporate Coaching

Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.
 – Albert Einstein  
Executive Coaching


In the fast-paced world of business today, few people believe they can have it all: career fulfillment and success, family, health and happiness. There is always one more email to send, one more phone call to return. Monica takes a holistic approach to Executive Coaching. She recognizes that values, goals, talent, interests and personal experience influence the way executives perform at work. In order for the coaching process to be most beneficial, data collection methods are used to identify key factors and skills required in the organizational context. We begin with a 360 review and intake with stakeholders to evaluate how the executive can be a more effective and efficient leader. We devise and implement a development plan with accountability benchmarks to maximize business objectives. The focus of the partnership is to develop the executive's ability to influence, motivate and lead others in order to achieve maximum impact.

Diversity & Inclusion Coaching


Inclusion coaching is geared towards organizations and individuals looking to go beyond diversity initiatives. We all have inherent biases. Instead of denying these differences, inclusion coaching begins where unconscious bias trainings end with a clear assessment of the current culture and an understanding of how it impacts behavior and business objects. From there, we create a vision for a more inclusive culture and devise the benchmarks for behavior and execution needed to attain these results. Inclusion coaching turns goals like 50/50 in 2020 from numbers into a thriving reality, inspiring individuals and teams to use empathy and curiosity to create more effective, productive and collaborative relationships. The goal of inclusivity is to empower both sides of the coin—to foster communication and respect for the strengths and unique talents of each individual. Monica is committed to supporting diversity efforts to attract, retain, engage and promote women in the entertainment industry. 

Team Coaching

Successful companies are composed of great teams. Great teams are composed of talented individuals who bring a diverse set of perspectives and skills to create a cohesive whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This type of coaching engagement begins with an assessment of how the team is currently performing and targets key areas for development in order to achieve strategic goals and results. Team coaching builds trust and cohesion among members and increases collective ownership of results, productivity and a company’s overall growth and success. As a result of team coaching, members are able to engage with optimal confidence and competence, leverage individual strengths, eliminate limiting behaviors, embrace accountability, communicate effectively and align with a clear vision and strategy with execution.

#MeToo Coaching

Sexual harassment awareness trainings have been in place for decades and are unable to eradicate the underlying causes that create a hostile workplace. With #MeToo coaching, individuals, groups and teams are able to come together with compassion and empathy, beyond unconscious bias and harassment awareness trainings, to create a sustainable culture of inclusion. Bullying, harassment and predation are endemic in many fields. Institutional and structural change must be supported by personal change which begins when individuals recognize that values and personal experience influence the way executives perform at work. It is only through understanding of intersectionality at play in a corporate culture that sustainable cultural change can happen. #MeToo coaching was developed from mediation and social justice models for transformative change.

Lean In
Lean In
Millennial Coaching

It is estimated that by 2020, millennials will make up nearly 75% of the workforce. And yet, many organizations struggle to recruit, engage and retain this younger generation's talent. Millennial Coaching bridges this divide enabling leaders to communicate and delegate more effectively with their teams and enabling Milennials to receive the recognition and leadership they require for their success. With assessment of values, mission and vision and a commitment to a deeper understanding between generations, Millennial Coaching bridges chasms and fosters a healthier, more engaged workforce. 

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