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Individual Coaching

It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up. - Vince Lombardi
Career Coaching

Monica worked in the entertainment, digital and consumer products industries before she found a fulfilling and engaging career that sustains her. She has helped others find fulfillment in their own professional journeys. Whether you're looking to re-enter the workforce or reinvent yourself, you can explore coaching in order to realize your potential. Individuals move among many careers and unlike in the past, it is not frowned upon. Monica can boost your morale, help you find inspiration and hope, and support you to find the career of your dreams–you will see results.

Life Coaching

If you find yourself wanting more out of work, life or your relationships, partnering with a life coach can help. Or perhaps you have everything you could need but you feel that there is something missing--you want to give back, you want to write that novel, you want to connect with the world in ways that you aren't. With Life Coaching, you will drill down to uncover your values and interests, break through your limiting beliefs and create the life you desire. You will clarify your priorities, better understand your thoughts and feelings, and take action to accomplish your goals, changing your life and finding fulfillment at last. 

Creative work can be exhilarating, social and encompassing and also dark, solitary, and taxing. Monica understands the peaks and valleys of a creative process. A coach can provide the support and strategic thought partnership that creative individuals need to sustain their vision from project inception through completion. Coaching also provides support to creative  leaders who want to develop their teams and processes to maximize their productivity. 

Creative Coaching

New Venture Coaching


Are you struggling with work life balance? Are you sleeping with your iPhone again? Are you sleeping at all? You’re not alone. Building a new business can be both exhilarating and stressful. Monica built a company from the ground up and can share her startup experience with you. She's helped others to craft and hone their pitches, develop market strategies and create innovative solutions. She will be a sounding-board when you pitch to angel investors, VCs and, ultimately, the world. She can help you to clarify your vision and create balance, harmony and success. She coaches entrepreneurs and business owners to be more effective, engaged and fulfilled. She will accelerate and catalyze your personal and professional growth as you build your very own dream team. 

#MeToo Coaching


Monica has worked in male-dominated industries throughout her career. She is no stranger to bullying, harassment and predation. Sexual harassment awareness trainings are unable to eradicate the underlying causes that create a hostile workplace. With #MeToo coaching, individuals who have been harmed by work experiences are able to address these challenges and create a positive career path for their future, where they can realize their full potential. For those who fear they may contribute to a hostile workplace, #MeToo coaching provides a confidential, supportive environment to foster greater emotional intelligence and awareness for these individuals to move toward a place where they too can be constructive in ultimately creating a sustainable culture of inclusion.  

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