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Corporate Coaching

Anything is possible.
This is where you begin...
Career Coaching


Monica worked in the entertainment, digital and consumer products industries before she found a fulfilling and engaging career that sustains her. She has helped others find fulfillment in their own professional journeys. Whether you're looking to re-enter the workforce or reinvent yourself, you can explore coaching in order to realize your potential. Individuals move among many careers and unlike in the past, it is not frowned upon. Monica can boost your morale, help you find inspiration and hope, and support you to find the career of your dreams–you will see results.

Life Coaching


Life can be bumpy and take unexpected twists and turns, ask Monica, she seems to have been through it all! If you find yourself wanting more out of work, life or your relationships, partnering with a life coach can help. Or perhaps you have everything you could need but you feel that there is something missing--you want to give back, you want to write that novel, you want to connect with the world in ways that you aren't. With Life Coaching, you will drill down to uncover your values and interests, break through your limiting beliefs and gradually build your life with the things that are meaningful to you. You will clarify your priorities, better understand your thoughts and feelings, and take action to accomplish your goals, change your life and feel more fulfilled. Monica will provide the spark for this flame. She will guide you and support you to the life of your dreams!

Legacy Coaching


You may have worked hard and achieved success. Now you are looking towards what you will leave behind. Monica can partner with you as you plan your retirement and beyond. Or perhaps you are a nevertiree but you want to ensure your legacy through succession planning. Often this is done in conjunction with a wealth management partner to bring clarity and insight into your the process of appropriating your assets when the time is right. Legacy Coaching is not financial planning, it is creating and defining a vision for the footprint you will leave for future generations.  

Youth Coaching


Teenagers are transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Adolescence can be a time of disorientation and discovery, coupled with inordinate pressures to succeed socially and academically. Youth Coaching provides a safe space where teens and young adults can define values, relationships and priorities. Often during this time, the guidance of a parent is complicated––the professional distance of a life coach can provide direction and structure that teens may resist when coming from their parents. Students can find support to streamline and organize their study habits, activities and life choices. Monica spent her teen and young adult years in extremely competitive schools and can help teens and young adults to succeed and excel amidst enormous social and academic pressures. She only works with girls and young women. 

Recovery Coaching


Individuals in recovery face unique challenges and difficulties. Monica is well-versed in addiction science and recovery coaching. She works with people in recovery who have been sober for a minimum of thirty days and who participate actively in a Twelve Step Program. Within the Recovery Coaching context, she provides Executive, Life and Career Coaching. 

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