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Don't Kick The Puppy

Transformation is tough. Change is messy. Every time we try something new, we’re going to make mistakes. When babies learn to walk, they crawl and pull themselves up onto things. They look around, proud and happy. And they also fall. A lot. They take tentative steps, they move in fits and starts. They don't hide their heads in shame if they fall. They don't see a setback as a sign of shame or weakness.

As adults, we often struggle with change and expect perfection. When we embark on a new career or a new role, we expect ourselves to already know what we’re doing before we have even started. 70% of adult learning is experiential which means we can’t even BEGIN to learn until we are actually doing it. Part of embracing change is accepting that change is a process.

Mistakes are signs of growth to be celebrated, not failures to be feared. No book, no google search, no amount of conversations or ruminating will ensure perfection. We are human. We will not know how to run a company before we’ve done it. And even when we are doing it successfully, we will still have moments of doubt.

You have not lived this moment of your life before. You are in a process of change and transformation is messy. So, don't kick the puppy for not being a dog yet!

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